Why Maui?


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The countless attractions of “Maui, the Magic Isle” have given her the “Best Island in the World” honors for an unprecedented 17th time in the “24th annual CONDE NAST TRAVELER Readers’ Choice Awards.” 

Maui has long been widely known for her immaculate beaches and amazing waters, perfect for surfing, snorkeling and swimming. More recently, she has become a world-renowned artist mecca, offering a vibrant art scene and community, featuring almost one hundred galleries. 

We believe inspiration occurs when talent and skill are cultivated like a pearl, in the enclosure of nature's beauty. Encountering the explosion of colors, forms and textures on this magical island, is an unforgettable experience. Why Maui? Because it is impossible as an artist studying here not to be inspired by some aspect of her natural charm.

The fragrance of tropical flowers, the echoes of exotic birdsong, the towering mountains and the luminous natural color palette, the ocean's vast expanse traced with warm, golden sand, and the honey-dipped air floating in on sea breeze -- all create the incomparable experience of Atelier Maui.