Atelier Maui offers a very unique program which combines classical training in drawing and painting with modern techniques and tricks-of-the trade in producing fine art and illustration.


The program consists of two parts:

1. Classical Life Drawing and Painting

2. Fine Art Studio

Classical Life Drawing and Painting 

All of our drawing and painting classes are based on time-tested, traditional academic teaching methods combined with modern cognitive science in the areas of visual search, attentional guidance, meta-cognition, and many more components of observation and reasoning. 

Development of the artistic eye is essential to the program. "Seeing" proportions, values and colors does not mean that one sees better then a lay person, but understands what one sees.

Specially-developed techniques are taught to train this unique ability.

The Atelier's curriculum strongly emphasizes drawing as the foundation of painting and sculpture, and as an essential skill for the artist to master.


Fine Art Studio

Mr. Bilmes doesn't believe that artists should starve, but rather, serious training breeds success. 

Atelier Maui supports and encourages successful careers in art.

Students select a subject matter and direction they would like to pursue. Individual assignments are tailored according to specific interests and career aspirations, such as Genre, Imaginative/Fantasy, Figurative, Decorative, Portraiture, Still Life, Nature, and Illustration.

Students will learn:

Materials and mediums
Color studies
Tricks of the trade
ndividual style development Portfolio creation

Combining acquired drawing and painting skills with professional techniques of picture making, students will concentrate on important and useful aspects of fine and commercial art, without spending time on unnecessary credit-oriented classes that dominate the art programs in many colleges. 

Celebrating the diversity in art, Mr. Bilmes can help to develop any style. Under the guidance of Semyon’s trained eye, the student cultivates and ripens his/her unique self-expression.   

To ensure the highest level of instruction and to provide personal studio space, Atelier Maui accepts only ten students at a time. Specific goals, objectives and assignments of the program have been designed to train students of different levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.